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What is reiki?

The word reiki is a combination of two Japanese words; rei – meaning universal and ki – meaning energy. Reiki means universal energy or prana. Reiki is a technique used for directing the universal energy that lies in each one of us in a way that is beneficial for the person in the given moment.

All reiki treatments are based on the premise that the universal energy is in every person. A reiki therapist helps maintain energy natural flow and motion in the body. Reiki works on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and it improves the quality of life. Reiki reduces the repercussions of stress and stress itself by changing the way we see and accept the world around us. The reduction of stress spontaneously results with the life quality improvement. Reiki brings inner peace and balances our mind and emotions, and also helps in pain reduction, during all kinds of recoveries.

*reiki is not a replacement for medical treatments, the aim is to create collaboration between reiki therapists and classical medicine.

Types of reiki treatments:

General treatment – whole body treatment, according to the body’s key points, contributes to the overall improvement on all levels.

Targeted treatment – treats a specific problem or ailment, according to a client’s needs.


Individual – feel free to contact me.

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