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What is yoga?

Yoga is a fountain of ancient knowledge that can help us in our everyday life. Yoga teaches us how to connect with our body and mind, how to collaborate with them and how to empower ourselves on all levels so we can lead happier, healthier and more conscious lives. For me, practicing yoga is a very pleasant experience and I am deeply grateful and fascinated by its universality. It has the ability to adapt itself to our current life circumstances and to offer us exactly what we need in each moment. Yoga brings peace, harmonization with our life path and acceptance which make necessary changes possible.

“The essence of classical yoga is the process of bringing the individual mind in tune with the cosmic mind. Yoga is the ultimate path to tranquility, mental balance and clarity. However, this is impossible without having a healthy body and well-being. Yoga offers valuable, unique and effective methods and practices to regain and enhance health of the body and tranquility of the mind. The scope of yoga is vast – there is always something to be offered, in every stage of life. The purpose of life is evolution, moving towards bliss and self-realization. When we practice yoga properly, we achieve the unity of mind, breath and body, and our practice becomes a moving meditation.” (Jadranko Miklec)

Yoga styles I offer:

Yang yoga – vinyasa/ashtanga – active yoga styles that include postures that are, in combination with breath, changing fast and form sequences built with a certain intention. Dynamical yoga practices form the muscles and simultaneously build flexibility, stability and focus.

Yin yoga – postures are held for a longer period, the aim is to reach deeper body structures. This allows us to completely relax and let go on all levels. Yin yoga is an introspective yoga style which teaches us how to switch the focus to functionality instead of the physical alignment.

Prenatal yoga – classes that help pregnant ladies stay in shape during the whole 9 months, cope with all the challenges ahead on the emotional and physical level. Prenatal classes are also a good base for the postnatal recovery.

Postnatal yoga – gentle classes for new moms, offering relaxation and helping to get back in shape after childbirth, strengthening the key muscles and releasing the tension in all areas of life.

Kids yoga – yoga for the youngest generation, adapted to the age of a child, funny and loud, aimed to familiarize kids with the gift of yoga.

Teen yoga – yoga for older children, helps them face the challenges of growing up, focused on strengthening the key muscles and helps establishing proper development and growth.

Reiki yoga – individual classes combining key yoga postures with energy work that helps releasing tension and energy blockages on all levels.

Facial yoga – classes aimed at activating, relaxing and revitalizing the muscles on the face and achieving better muscle strength and circulation.



Prenatal yoga: Tuesdays and Fridays at 11AM, Gaia Yoga School&Shala, Mondays at 11,45 and Wednesdays at 6 PM, Mama Soon – pregnancy council, Magic Well Kajzerica

Mommies&babies: Mondays and Thursdays at 10,30 AM, Mama Soon – pregnancy council, Magic Well Kajzerica

Happy spine: Wednesdays at 7,15 PM, Magic Well Kajzerica

Teen yoga: Sundays at 5 PM, Gaia Yoga School&Shala

Individual – feel free to contact me.

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