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System Constellations / Blessing of Ancestors

What are Systemic Constellations?

Systemic constellations make a unique and interesting method that allows us to dive deep into our layers and deal with the challenges of life. The method was created by interlinking several psychotherapy methods and is often compared to psychodrama. Systemic constellations give us the opportunity to actually see what is behind the problem and to find its real purpose and then resolve it. Systemic constellations are very specific because they are oriented at finding the solution in a quick way and giving a deep insight into the situation as it is. There is a very well known proverb saying that we can not resolve the problem on the same level it was created so systemic constellations give us the opportunity to skip the obstacle and get to a higher level. Besides, the possibility to see ourselves as an observer in certain situations, gives us a clearer image of ourselves, the issue we are dealing with and our role in the system.

“Systemic constellations have very deep and branched roots. They were developed gradually and according to the development of the complex systems, through numerous interactions of different therapy methods and influences from other fields of science. For these reasons, it is impossible to to give a rounded and chronological overview of all the factors and people responsible for the evolution of this technique that is itself very heterogeneous. Originally, it was developed to meet the needs of family therapy, but later it found its application in entrepreneurship, organizations, politics. For more detailed information, please visit: It is important to mention: Systems theory, Psychodrama, Phenomenology.” Branka Devčić

Systemic constellations can be experienced through a group work or as individual sessions.

When coming to group work, you can either work on your personal theme or as a representative (actor in other people’s themes).

What can be a theme of a constellation?

  • family “themes”, a pattern that is repeated or inherited
  • relations within family, with partners, business partners and co-workers, surroundings
  • traumatic experiences and difficult life events
  • physical symptoms and addictions
  • personal state we want to change: depression, anger, fury
  • behavioral patterns that are not useful
  • dealing with what cannot be changed
  • problems in the work field
  • making decisions or choices
  • dealing with changes
  • feeling of being stuck in life

How do constellations work?

  1. Before any work is done, the client talks to the constellation facilitator and defines the problem, need for change and the main goal
  2. Together, they choose the key representatives and elements in the constellation who are important in solving the problem
  3. The client arranges the space by placing the representatives in the places that feel right for them, together with the facilitator the client follows the dynamics and the situation development
  4. The facilitator helps the system and the representatives to find their way towards the solution and the final image for the client, helping the client to get to the solution of his problem

What is Ancestors blessing?

This ritual was created as a branch of Systemic constellations and is a great supplement for constellations. The workshop with ancestors gives us information and empowers us with support in the right moment in our lives. Everyday life is very busy, challenges are numerous, we take many different roles and tasks each day. Very often, we are faced with questions and decisions that we have no right answer for or we are simply too tired of making decisions so we could use some help and support.

Even though we do not speak about our family members that often, our ancestors are ready to help us and support us on our life journey. They love sharing their experiences, and supporting us in our endevours, wishes, changes, projects. Having their energy besides us, we deal easily with changes and this ritual is an opportunity to connect with our ancestors on a deeper level. In the lines of our ancestors, there are individuals who share our experiences and who we can identify ourselves with.

During the ritual, every person steps into the circle made by the representatives of her/his ancestors who, one by one, give them their blessing and share the messages from the lines of ancestors and answers to the actual life challenges. This ritual is a very powerful one, helping us create a bridge to the ancestors’ worlds and also our inner worlds so we can live our maximum potential by accepting the energy that we carry as descendants.

Systemic constellations:

Group – see News

Individual – feel free to contact me.

Ancestor blessing:

Only as group work, see News.

(it is possible to organize the workshop as a private event, for birthday celebrations etc).

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